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Energy auditing & analysis

Investment analysis including detailed and accurate ROI

Product recommendation

Photometric calculation & lighting design

Project management

Rebate & incentive management

Warranty exchange


We work closely with lenders that specialize in Green Projects and Lending, and have many purchasing options available.  From off-balance sheet capital equipment leasing, to 100% through-put financing that allows you to instantly use your realized savings to pay for the entire project with the dollars saved by switching to LED


With federal, state, and local programs covering up to as much as 50% of project totals.  You need a partner with attention to detail.  A partner you can trust that will work hand in hand with the utility and management companies on your behalf.  We handle applications, audit qualifications, and process our clients projects from start to finish, ensuring that our clients receive the most current and maximum rebate/incentives available.



  • The key differences between us being a project vs stocking distributor: stocking distributors are encouraged to inventory large quantities of product from a singlemanufacturer.  We have 150+ manufacturers we support, and given the continual evolution of LED lighting, we receive notifications weekly in regards to new products and/or product enhancements.  This allows us to specify the best price to performance ratio available on the market today without manufacturer bias, as compared to a product that was inventoried 6 months ago and may no longer be the best solution for your project today.


  • Our pricing will be on parity with stocking distributors, and in turn more affordable than either electrical contractors and/or ESCO’s as they typically procure from distributors such as ourselves.  We consistently are able to provide lower pricing than stocking distributors based on your specific project as we implement an internal bid process with the manufacturers to ensure they’re held accountable to earn your business as well.  We’re your advocate to the manufacturers on your behalf.


  • We’re able to monetize the energy savings most accurately given our rate tariff experience rather than strictly an assumed blended kWh cost based on billing history.  The actual kWh cost for the specific project can vary +/- 25% as compared to the billing history kWh assumption, which can be extremely impactful over the life cycle savings analysis claims.  Additionally, our utility experience ensures we will find the largest overall incentives to get the lowest possible net cost. This can be via utility rebate bonus programs, local funding programs, as well as lucrative tax incentives regarding efficiency projects. We connect all of the incentive “dots” on your behalf.


  • We also can provide services beyond strictly lighting, such as Solar/HVAC/etc…so ensure a holistic turn key offering to match your project needs



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