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Brilliant Energy Solutions Proprietary Evaluation Technique (BESPET)

Before we add a new product, service or supplier to our lineup, we put it through a rigorous evaluation.

The first step involves reviewing the products to determine if they hold up to their claims. This eliminates about 70% of the products that are available on the market today. It is also the reason we understand how companies can be exposed to tremendous risk by making the wrong decision.

After a company meets those criteria, we then examine the products to see that they meet recognized standards, like Underwriters Laboratories (UL), Energy Star, LM79 and LM80, US Department of Energy Standards and best practices. This eliminates another 25% of the products available on the market.

The next step is to better understand the company behind the products. In this phase we look for financial stability, patent rights, operational efficiency, warranty backing, insurance and financing. This eliminates about 3-4% of the remaining products.

The final 1-2% of the market is accepted to be a part of our solution. In many cases, we only carry specific products from a manufacturer’s line, giving us the ability to select and recommend only the best products for each application.

Our trusted suppliers include…

Product lineups change fast.  Feel free to explore each manufactures product lineup by clicking below…

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