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Brilliant Energy Solutions, LLC.   is honored to have been selected as the trusted partner in providing Albanese Confectionery Group a high efficiency lighting solution for their ongoing factory operations in Northwest Indiana.

The project includes a diverse combination of open/aisle area high/low bay lighting fixtures, vapor tight wet-listed fixtures, networked control systems,  and other energy efficient technologies engineered to precisely match the needs of their expansive state of the art 200,000 sqft facility.




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Brilliant Energy Solutions, LLC.  Installed 140 high efficiency LED high bay fixtures cutting utility expenses by 70% via a custom light on demand motion control system that activates the interior lights only as they are needed dramatically cutting the existing always on fixtures.

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Brilliant Energy Solutions, LLC recommended and replaced 50 2×4 florescent fixtures with brand new state of high efficiency LED fixtures, that only lowered energy consumption and eliminated bulb replacements and ballast changes, but also increased overall light output quality showcasing the vehicles. on display on the showroom floor.