4 Ways LED Lighting Helps increase Your Bottom Line…
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4 Ways LED Lighting Helps increase Your Bottom Line…

4 Ways LED Lighting Helps Your Bottom Line


Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company, or a hometown start-up that’s just cut the ribbon on their grand opening, the race toward financial viability is an ever-present struggle against a myriad of concerns.

At Brilliant Energy Solutions, we help insulate your company from the potential threat of certain market fluctuations. Leaving more of your future in your hands, rather than the open market, is key to controlling your success. One of the best ways to do that is by reducing the cost of doing business– and LED lighting can do that for you at the speed of light.


  1. LED lighting reduces maintenance cost.


At a glance here, we have a graph that maps the operational lifespan of various different types of lighting. From left to right, you see the “burning hours” and bottom to top is the drop-off in percentage of that bulb’s rated lumen output over that time.

LED Lighting has a very long operational life. LED bulbs and diodes typically have a life span of up to 100,000 hours, which comes out to 22 years of use if your facility is lit 12 hours out of the day. Even at 24 hours use, that’s still 11 years of continuous use. A fun brainteaser we like to incorporate is thinking back and recalling where you were 11 years ago, and imagining a light being on 24 hours a day every day since then. That’s how long an LED fixture can run without worry or maintenance cost.

And as you can tell from the graph, LEDs outpace every other type of bulb on this graph, bar none, on both axes of the graph.

Also, unlike standard lighting, LEDs do not burn out or just stop working suddenly, they merely become less bright over time.

Removing the necessary maintenance, and subsequent downtime, and expenses involved in devoting time and resources to replacement and upkeep is one of the best benefits LED lighting can offer your business.


2. LED lighting is incredibly energy efficient.

LEDs are quickly becoming the new standard for illumination and business best practices.

Aside from requiring far less energy to produce the same amount of light, diodes are much better at converting electrical energy into light. An LED converts about 85 to 90% of electrical energy into light. Other light sources convert only 20% into light, with a waste of 80%.

It can be difficult to visualize, but let’s reduce these numbers down to an individual household level.

Let’s say you have a light bill that is $100. If you use traditional lighting technology, $80 of the bill is pure cost, because 80% of the energy used wasn’t to light the room due to the bulb’s lack of efficiency. Using LED’s with better efficiency and less consumption would reduce a $100 light bill to less than $20.

Broadening the scale on which we are speaking, adding up these savings and compounding them against reduced maintenance costs are the type of savings any chief financial officer would clamber to get their hands on.

3. LED lighting is ecologically friendly.

Did you know that one LED bulb can replace the use of 25 incandescent light bulbs over the course of its lifetime?

On top of this, LEDs are 100% recyclable and free of any toxic chemicals, and coupled with their energy efficiency, help reduce the carbon footprint left behind by your company.

Maybe you knew all that. But, did you know that your utility companies may have rebates for adhering to greener energy standards and usage? The rebates vary depending on your region, but potentially millions of dollars in rebatess go unclaimed each year.

Check with your local utility company for more information about them. It could mean the difference between keeping your doors open, or shutting them for good.

4. LED energy consumption is predictable.

Being able to leverage a predictable savings into your next fiscal year is one of the major reasons why many companies choose to go with lighting retrofits and solutions in the first place.

These types of predictable utility savings are what utility companies love to write rebate checks for. Not only does your company get a check for working to become more efficient, but the utility company is capable of taking on new customers without additional cost requirements. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Preparing for the future has never seemed more sensible than right now. If you’re ready to take the next steps in helping your business become leaner, greener, and more viable, follow the link below or get in contact with us today.


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